Research Areas

Cognitive Development

The Furhat robot as a tool for studying cognitive psychology and cognitive development

Social robots are a powerful new tool for studying human cognition, including memory, attention, learning, and other cognitive functions in different groups of people.

Researchers in cognitive science, developmental psychology, neuroscience, and using Furhat for designing and conducting novel experimental setups to explore cognitive functions in children, adults, and special-learning populations.

Furhat comes with experimental and design tools, and can be connected to other devices, screens, and speakers, to allow researchers to very easily create experimental setups, and perform analysis on the interaction data, all out of the box.

Key benefits

  • Easy to control and program
  • Wizard of Oz interfaces for remote control
  • Programmable and easy to connect to other software
  • Customisable personality and language

Customer spotlight

Teaching social behaviour

One of Europe’s leading research teams in machine learning at the Durham University’s Computer Science department is developing interactive conversational games with Furhat for children with autism. Their research also explores how we can build better robot tools and interactions to teach children with autism social and conversational behaviour for the purpose of integrating them into society.

Autistic children find it difficult to handle uncertainty and we believe that they are more comfortable playing with a robot or with technology in general, and the research Durham’s university is conducting uses the robot as a tool to simplify human-like interactions with children on the spectrum using Furhat, in order to make them more skilled at interacting with humans in the real-world.

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View our official product documentation on the Furhat platform

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