The Furhat Challenge

Win a Furhat robot for 3 months!

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The Challenge

We have seen some amazing uses of the Furhat SDK recently, ranging from integrations with external devices to detect COVID symptoms, to murder mystery games as part of a student project. We know there are many more fantastic use cases out there for social robots that can inspire the next generation of robot enthusiasts to shape our industry. We want to encourage people to explore this technology and create more opportunities for you to work with robots.

We thought of no better way than to launch a brand new competition to give you the opportunity to get your hands on a Furhat robot for 3 whole months, completely free and with all the features of our premium package!

This is a great opportunity to really understand the power of physically embodied robots, and to test how they could be used in the real world.

How you can win

  1. Start by requesting the Furhat SDK (If you already have access, continue to step 2)
  2. Create an engaging, creative and inspirational concept interaction using the Furhat SDK, either in Kotlin or via our visual programming interface, Blockly. What should the interaction be about, we hear you ask? Anything! Consider interesting use cases for robots – what ideas do you have that nobody has thought of before? How will robots be used in the future? Do you have an idea that could already be used in your research studies or your business today? The more creative and applicable ideas you have, the better.
  3. Record a short video of the interaction with the virtual Furhat. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it must showcase the interaction in a clear way.
  4. The only requirement is that the interaction must be at least 1 minute long. Everything else is up to you!
  5. Post your submission on Twitter, tagging @furhatrobotics and using the hashtag #FurhatChallenge

Who can compete?

Everyone is welcome to take part in the challenge! Students, developers, researchers, or you Furhat enthusiasts out there – anyone with a good idea and the willingness to create an interaction with the SDK can compete.

When is it due?

The submission deadline is Tuesday 30th November 2021 at midnight. The winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Useful links

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