Robots for psychotherapy training

Robert Johansson has a very ambitious vision for psychotherapy training and believes Furhat is the perfect platform for his needs.

Reducing bias in the recruitment process Robert Johansson is an…

Reducing bias in the recruitment process

Robert Johansson is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Stockholm University and CEO of EAI Lab. He is also an early adopter and one of the most visionary creators on the Furhat platform.

Psychotherapy is a notoriously hard discipline to practice and perfect due to a lack of ‘standardized patients’. Most trainee therapists also tend to learn on the job, which leaves patients dissatisfied when seeing inexperienced therapists. Robert is convinced Furhat is the perfect solution to this problem. With the unparalleled expressivity and conversational capabilities of the Furhat platform, Robert plans to build several virtual standardized patients that can be used to train therapists.

We believe Robert is on the cusp of starting a revolution in psychotherapy training and look forward to seeing how he takes his vision to the next level.



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This product can be used in undergraduate psychology programs, advanced education, hospitals, therapists’ office. It can be used wherever people have the goal of making psychotherapy more effective.

Robert Johansson, Psychologist and Furhat Creator

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