Furhat for Research

The FurhatX Package

FurhatX is a package designed for researchers, academics and explorers to work with Furhat.

The package includes the robot and powerful software, tools, APIs, tutorials and documentation, built specifically for researchers and developers in mind.

Here are a few examples of where Furhat is being used.

Furhat for Research

Learn about what other researchers are doing with Furhat

Maike Paetzel
Uppsala Universitet
”For research purposes, the Furhat SDK is great because it’s very flexible – it allows you to quickly and easily develop demonstrations and short interactions, but you can also integrate your own tools to create even more complex conversations.”
Björn Helgeson
”I've been using the Furhat SDK since the first generation, and each new release comes packed with great features. Using the easy-to-learn state machines concept, you can get started really quickly, while still allowing for a complex and scaleable architecture.”
Dr. Kais Samkari
DB Systel
”I love how the Furhat SDK enables Developers to control the voice, personality, expressions and spatial awareness of the robot, which is very important when creating human-like interactions.”
Robert Johansson
"The Furhat SDK is based on a model of dialog flows, state charts and events that bring clarity to everything you do. Once you understand these concepts, the SDK becomes really easy to use and before you know it, you’ll be designing very powerful dialog flows."
Pascal van Kooten
”I'm used to tackling smaller problems related to machine learning but Furhat adds many dimensions such as speech recognition, TTS, emotion detection and user tracking. This makes it much more complex, but also very rewarding when it all comes together.”
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