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Disney Research is building the future of child-robot interaction. How to talk to children in an engaging and fun way is a challenge that their team of Imagineers are working on in order to put interactive robots in their theme parks.

Honda’s main R&D lab, famous for creating the Asimo robot, is developing Furhat as a conversational hub in the area of healthcare for the elderly in smarthome environments.

Heriot-Watt was the first university in the world, outside of KTH, to recognize and order a Furhat. Professor Oliver Lemon and his team have been using Furhat together with the dev-kit in courses on Conversational Agents and Spoken Language Processing. Currently, Heriot-Watt has several Furhat Robots in their lab, allowing students to bring their ideas on conversational agents to life.

At the Creative Design Department at Bandai Namco, Shohei Nakanowatari and his team have embodied the virtual character of Mirai Komachi – a character for the VOCALOID Singing synthesizer – using the Furhat platform.

At the Social Robotics Lab at Uppsala University in Sweden, Professor Ginevra Castellano and PhD Student Maike Paetzel are currently using Furhat to investigate how people’s perception of the robot changes over time, and how people react to robots with different levels of realism and human-likeness.

ADAPT is a new 60 million euro research center based in Dublin and one of the world’s leading international hubs for cognitive science and human-computer interaction.

ADAPT is using several Furhat robots to develop the next generation of computational models to transform how people interact with each other.

”For our research, we can easily design child-robot interactions with the Furhat SDK. In our Conversational Agents MSc course, it was great that students can work with the virtual Furhat at home and later run the same skill on the physical Furhat.”
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, University of Twente

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