Furhat Travel Case

$660 USD


The Furhat travel case is uniquely designed with durability and functionality in mind, featuring a robust outer shell that shields your Furhat from impacts, dust, and moisture. With a lightweight design, comfortable handle, and secure locking mechanism, our travel case guarantees your robot arrives in perfect condition, ready to start its next conversation.

  • Hard Polypropylene Material
  • 4 Locks
  • Extendable handle
  • Rollable
  • Highly Durable
  • Soft padding
  • Compartment for Charger and Microphone

Adult Mask

$960 USD


This mask is a masterpiece of design, blending artistry with technology to offer unparalleled realism when interacting with humanoid characters. The mask’s easy magnetic attachment system ensures quick customization, enabling you to switch masks in moments.

Compatible with the Gen2 Furhat

Child Mask

$960 USD


This mask is specially designed to transform your Furhat into a variety of child characters, making it an invaluable tool for research, education, storytelling, and beyond.

Compatible with the Gen2 Furhat

Anime Mask

$960 USD


Developed together with the gaming company Bandai Namco, this mask brings to life your favorite Anime characters.

Compatible with the Gen2 Furhat

Dog Mask

$960 USD


Open up a new world of animalistic and fictional characters with our dog mask. This mask is a fun and powerful creative tool for anyone looking to add a playful and magical dimension to interactions.

Compatible with the Gen2 Furhat

Multidirectional Microphone

$100 USD


Enhance Furhat’s audio capture capabililties with a multidirectional microphone.

360 Degree Audio Capture
USB-A Connector

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