November 17th 2022

Welcome to the fourth Furhat Conference – introducing the Creators Edition!

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After three thought-provoking Furhat Conferences, this fall we return with an insightful agenda of creator content from within the social robotics world.

But, what is a Creator, we hear you ask? We consider Creators to be you, the people that are pushing the boundaries with social robots, virtual avatars and conversational agents alike. Creators are the ones who truly bring this technology to life, through your research, commercial concepts or rainy weekend hacks.

This fourth edition brings fresh insights, knowledge and creator experiences to you, to enhance the process of making the most out of your physical, or virtual, robots. We will deep-dive into the latest product updates with our Chief Scientist, Gabriel Skantze, and the team will host a very unique tutorial for you to join along with the ever-charming virtual Furhat, accessible via our free SDK.

Not a technical person? Don’t worry. All talks and demonstrations will be just as inspiring and understandable as usual – we expect you to follow along without difficulty.

The conference returns on Thursday 17th November in the usual virtual format. Sign up today to reserve your place, and we will be in touch with the full agenda in the coming weeks.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in November!