Human-like neck design for natural head movements

Neck movement is a major factor in making Furhat very expressive and emotional. The Furhat robot has 3 degrees of freedom designed anatomically for maximum expressivity.

Using the Furhat software, one can take advantage of Furhat’s neck movement and gestures.

Full control over faces designs, gestures, and lighting

Since Furhat uses light to move its face, it is very easy to change the design of the face with no changes to the hardware.

Furhat’s face algorithms come with realistic lip movements, and high-level control over the eyes, the eyebrows, and other facial movements.



Change the face design, ethnicity, gender, language – even the species.

The groundbreaking combination of facial animation and replacable masks make it easy and affordable to create life-like, expressive characters for any purpose.

Furhat is shipped with an adult mask and 22 animated faces (11 male, 9 female and 2 non-human). Customized masks can be created on-demand.

Customizable, magnetically attached, faces

One of Furhat’s very unique features is its face. Using special materials, the masks are designed for maximum resolution and contrast to absorb light from an optical projection position behind the mask.

Using light to animate the face gives Furhat limitless expressivity. With different projections and different mask designs, the robot can be customized with different personalities.

Advanced facial animation engine

Furhat animated face uses state-of-the-art 3D animation techniques, those used in modern computer games and animated films. Designers can create new faces and gestures for the face using all major animation systems.

Wide-angle camera for face tracking and facial analysis

Furhat is powered by a high definition camera to allow Furhat to understand the environment around it.

The wide-range 135° field-of-view of the camera is designed to allow the robot to cover a large area in front of it to allow it to track people and analyse their movement as they move naturally around it.

Stereo hearing with built-in and external microphones

Furhat comes equipped with two omnidirectional microphones, set 180mm apart on the robot’s shoulders to enable stereo hearing.

Furhat also comes with an external USB microphone array that supports noise-reduction, echo-cancellation, and estimates the direction from where the voice is coming from.

Programmable LED ring

With a 84-LEDs programmable ring, Furhat can communicate emotions, give feedback, and enhanced its expressivity using light patterns.

Furhat’s face is optical and is created using a high resolution 180 degrees projector

Using a high-resolution projector, together with face masks, the robot Face is animated optically with incredible level of detail and expressivity.

Stereo high-fidelity speakers

Furhat comes with dual speakers in its torso. The speakers are optimized for human voice frequencies and angled to support the interaction space, enhancing the effect that Furhat’s voice is angled to where the robot’s mouth is.

Product Specifications

Furhat masks

Magnetically detachable masks including designs for:
Adult, Child, Dog


  • 2 x built-in omnidirectional microphones
  • External USB microphone array with 4 x Omnidirectional microphones with 5m Far-field voice pick-up

Onboard camera

  • RGB Sensor Type
  • 120° diagonal FOV
  • 3.4 MP resolution (2304×1536 pixels)


  • 100 lumens brightness
  • 854×480 pixels in resolution


Custom-tuned, 2.5″ 30W hi-fidelity stereo speaker

Computer platform

  • Intel Core i5 CPU, up to 3.40 GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 120 GB SSD mass storage
  • Iris Plus 640 GPU


  • Intel Wireless-AC 8265
  • Integrated LAN
  • 2x USB A, 1x USB-C
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

Physical dimensions

410 mm x 270 mm x 240 mm (HxWxD)

Robot weight

3.5 kg

Power input

19V, 90W


A durable pelican case suitable for shipping or as checked-in luggage when flying with the robot

Learn about the Furhat Software Designed for building conversational systems,…

Learn about the Furhat Software

Designed for building conversational systems, enabling social robots to communicate and interact with human users

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