Furhat comes with a very powerful suite of tools allowing you to create, debug, deploy and analyse your applications on your desktop.

Three ways to
program the robot

Get setup in minutes and immediately start creating your own interactions!

Conversation modeling

Program using Kotlin – the fastest growing programming language in the world

Create advanced interactions in our easy-to-use dialogue framework built in Kotlin – The fastest growing programming language in the world

  • Easy programming with code completion
  • Dialogue flow based on Hierarchical State charts
  • Use our library of faces, facial expressions, intents, entities, behaviors, or create your own
  • Easily integrate application with back-end or external software using standard communication protocols

The Furhat API

Integrate the Furhat Robot with your existing work

Control the Furhat robot from your own software using the Furhat API (Beta).

  • Support for 50+ programming languages including Python, C#, JavaScript, Rust, and more
  • Control basic actions such as head movements, speaking, listening, performing facial gestures, and more

Visual programming

Visual programming environment, based on Google Blockly

Create interactions for the Furhat robot in minutes using the quick prototyping tool (Beta) based on Google Blockly.

  • Drag and drop programming interface
  • Included in the SDK
  • Runs on the physical and virtual Furhat Robot
  • Create workshops and introductions to spoken dialogue systems, social robots or even programming!

Say hello to the
Virtual Furhat

Interact with a simulation of Furhat on your computer

Seamlessly switch between the physical Furhat robot and the Virtual Furhat on your computer.

  • Simulate multiple users in real-time for easy testing and debugging
  • Move virtual users around and simulate their attention, smiles and who is speaking
  • Test complex dialogues in real-time
  • Easy access for your extended developer team – or your students!

The Furhat library

A whole new pool of readily accessible content

Do you want to breathe even more life into your robot? The Furhat Library holds a collection advanced facial gestures, pre-programmed automatic head movements and many more code snippets that will give you a head start when creating your skills.

A complete
suite of tools

Freely accessible with the SDK, our inclusive tools are designed upon requests from our community.

SDK Desktop Launcher

Start using the SDK within minutes

Install the SDK and have the Virtual Furhat up and running within minutes in your desktop.

  • Available for Windows, Mac and Unix
  • No other software, licences or setup required
  • Runs well even on medium-tier workstations
  • Run skill or create new skill projects

Lip sync tool

Generate lip sync files based on pre-recorded audio

The Furhat robot includes built-in lip syncing on the fly to pre-recorded audio. Or use the lip sync tool to manipulate and finetune the lip syncing on the Furhat robot. The lip sync tool includes a service to host your pre-recorded audio on our servers for easy access.

Wizard-of-Oz interface

Integrated Wizard dashboard

Monitor users and control the robot from your browser. Define and organize your own remote control panel to control the robots speech, attention, gestures, and more.

  • Design buttons that can change depending on the dialogue state
  • Be able to trigger complex behaviours with single buttons
  • Seamlessly switch between wizard- and autonomous mode

Log viewer tool

Live tracking and recording of conversations

Access detailed logs of your interactions in our easy-to-use log-viewer tool with minimal setup required. Or set up a custom logging of the flow inside your skill.


All our SDK users are provided access to the Furhat community – a global collection of developers and enthusiasts that are creating solutions with social robots. Share your work, collaborate together and gain experience from experts in the field.

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