Nothing beats a strong first impression!

Whether you are welcoming customers to your store, greeting new visitors to your office or engaging with people in a fair or a conference, ensuring that your brand is represented exactly the way you want every time is a challenge. In today’s fast-moving world, giving a lasting impression both to new and existing customers is key to stand out.

What if there was a new, innovative way to…

  • Create a lasting impression with customers in different contexts
  • Register and communicate with visitors to your office
  • Interact with visitors at a fair or conference
  • Break barriers in providing services to foreign-speaking customers

How can Furhat help?

  • Greet new customers
  • Attract attention and entertain crowds
  • Access data from backend systems to enhance experience
  • Provide information and recommendations through rich media

Furhat Robotics presents a new, unique concept for interacting with and greeting customers. The Furhat robot, placed in locations such as a reception, a store or in a fair booth, will greet visitors in their own language and act as the representation of your brand by e.g. providing facts and anecdotes, talking about open positions or help with check-ins for meetings and events. Through an easy-to-use CMS system, the interaction can be customized in numerous ways, ranging from what the robot says to the gender, voice and personality of a robot. A complimentary touch screen can show additional information such as videos, images, forms and calendar integrations.

Not only will this ensure that your existing and potential future customers are always greeted in the same way, it also creates a memorable experience that works around-the-clock without fail.

Concept specific features

  1. Back projected face, fully customizable with faces and gestures to represent your brand
  2. Camera to detect shoppers and trigger new conversations, as well as scanning of QR codes
  3. Speakers, through which the robot can speak with a voice and language of your choice
  4. Information display to show recommendations and additional information
"People usually say they want a human element to their interactions but Covid-19 has changed that. This situation is going to change consumer preference and really open up new opportunities for automation.”
BBC News

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