May 17th 2023

Welcome to the fifth Furhat Conference on social robotics

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The Furhat Conference is back for its fifth edition on Wednesday May 17th! This time around, the conference will be focused on the big topics of the time – LLMs, GPT, and what the rapid development of AI technologies means for the future of social robots.

The Furhat Conference series showcases cutting edge research in the global social robotics community, announces exciting new product updates and engages the world’s top minds in the fields of social robotics & conversational AI in thought-leading discussions.

This conference is for anyone who is interested in AI and robotics. It doesn’t matter how much technical knowledge you have, the conference is about exploring the AI transformation we are currently living through and understanding the important role robots will have as they become the interfaces through which AI can interact with the physical world.

Expect insightful discussions from the world’s leading scientists and experts on the most recent advances in AI and what they mean for social robotics development. The conference also includes demonstrations of the power of ChatGPT when integrated with the Furhat robot. This means there will be fun robot demos featuring a Furhat robot that is more autonomous (and chatty!) than it has ever been.

As always, the Furhat Conference is totally free and accessible to everyone.


Be inspired by the leading experts within the quickly evolving world of AI and Social Robotics

Joscha Bach

Artificial Intelligence Researcher
and Cognitive Scientist

Joscha Bach, referred to as the magician of consciousness, is a renowned AI researcher and cognitive scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of AI. He has a PhD in cognitive science from the University of Osnabrück and has worked at various prestigious institutions such as the MIT Media Lab and Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. Joscha’s work is focused on developing AI systems that are more transparent, ethical, and robust. He is also a strong advocate for the development of AI that is aligned with human values and goals. His research interests include artificial general intelligence, cognitive architectures, consciousness, and the philosophy of mind.

Tom Williams

Associate Professor of Computer Science
at the Colorado School of Mines

Tom Williams is a renowned professor of Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines, where he directs the Mines Interactive Robotics Research (MIRROR) Lab. He is widely recognized for his research and work in the development of intelligent systems for human-robot interaction, natural language processing, and machine learning. Tom is also an accomplished author and has published numerous research papers and book chapters on these topics. He is passionate about developing intelligent systems that can learn and adapt to their environments and is committed to advancing the field of AI through his research and teaching.

More speakers and final agenda coming soon!