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Social Robots in Healthcare

Social robots can help relieve a healthcare sector under pressure

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Imagine if there was extra help available to…

  • Greet, inform & register patients in their own language
  • Provide contactless screening and measurement
  • Easily scale up & down depending on workload
  • Provide comfort & trust to patients

How Furhat can help

  • Register walk-in patients
  • Record medical history
  • Measure vital signs

Furhat Robotics presents a new, unique concept for relieving healthcare providers under pressure. The Furhat robot, placed in a clinic or a key public location, will greet patients in their own language, register walk-ins, record medical history and measure basic vital signs including temperature and blood pressure.

Not only will this be a means of providing a comforting and empathetic patient experience, but equally important it will alleviate nurses and doctors from time-consuming and virus contagious routine tasks, ultimately enabling a more cost- and resource-efficient healthcare access.

Concept specific features

  1. Integrated camera to enable the robot to understand where the user is, and also measure blood pressure
  2. Thermometer to measure body temperature
  3. Information display to show different options and additional information
  4. Ticket dispenser to provide summary of screening and ticket for queuing
“The day healthcare can fully embrace AI is the day we have a revolution in terms of cutting costs and improving care.”
Human-Centerd Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University
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