World Diabetes Day brought the news to the public that Lugn&Ro Akademin are raising funds to develop healthcare applications for personal diabetes care built on the Furhat Robotics platform. The robot and application suite, named Diabetio, is developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and diabetes patients.

Lugn&Ro Akademin is announcing crowdfunding campaign on the Furhat Robotics platform

The Global Diabetes Epidemic

Diabetes is one of today’s major global epidemic diseases with over 422 million people living with the disease, and already one in twenty people affected in Sweden. Simple self-care is critical to reduce the risk of serious complications such as stroke, blindness, myocardial infarction and renal failure. Diabetes poses high demand on self-care and causes serious complications if it is not treated properly, leading to high social costs in primary care.

Roger Svensson, Founder and CEO of Lugn&Ro Akademin, states: “Our mission is to provide the world with intelligent and interactive digital healthcare solutions to prevent and treat epidemic diseases like diabetes. Epidemic and chronic diseases are resource intensive for primary care and require high levels of responsibility and self-care. Unless properly treated, this results in huge costs to society as well as human suffering.”

“Our mission is to provide the world with intelligent and interactive digital healthcare solutions to prevent and treat epidemic diseases like diabetes.”

The Robot Project

Diabetio, an intelligent personal assistant application suite, consists of Diabetio Buddy for children and Diabetio Companion for adults. Furthermore, it includes applications such as Diabetio Teacher and Diabetio CarbCalc that will help users manage their carbohydrate intake. The product works on all mobile devices, providing increased security and freedom. The application’s interface is the socially intelligent Furhat robot that helps with the daily self-care of diabetes and reduces the risk of serious complications, through an engaging and fun user experience.

With Diabetio integrated into the Swedish public healthcare system would give everyone access to preventive diabetes care and half a million diabetics access to safe and easy self-care. The robots will be accessible via public, private or corporate healthcare providers that determines the risk levels of developing Type 2 diabetes, managing carbohydrate intake and learning how existing lifestyle choices can impact upon general health.

Furhat Robotics are very excited to see the progress Lugn&Ro Akademin is making with their development. “Our vision is to create a new computer interface, and enable a community of early adopters and first movers to build applications for social robots on top of it. Lugn&Ro Akademin shows great promise, agility, and speed, and is a perfect example in showing the power of the Furhat Platform. We are looking forward to supporting their vision and crowdfunding campaign, and working closely with them to get Diabetio out to combat the diabetes epidemic”, said co-founder and CEO, Samer Al Moubayed.

You can view the campaign and invest on the live fundedbyme page.