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What if there was a new, innovative way to…

  • Make visitors feel curious and attracted to your brand
  • Reduce the length of sales procedures
  • Automate processes, freeing up crucial staff time
  • Improve the rate and quality of customer feedback

How Furhat can help

  • Greet new customers
  • Handle in-store pickups
  • Help customers navigate the store
  • Record customer feedback

In collaboration with one of the world’s leading telecom groups, Etisalat, and the innovative Spanish retailer, Mango, Furhat Robotics presents a brand new concept solution for the future of retail. The Furhat robot, placed in a retail store, can greet visitors in their own language, access online orders, automate in-store pickup processes, answer questions and register customer feedback.

Via Furhat’s integrated camera, the robot can recognize e.g. QR codes that can be used for the pickup of online orders and other pre-packaged goods.

Customers are also able to provide verbal feedback to the robot during or after a store visit, and it has been proven that people are more honest in their feedback when speaking to a robot, as opposed to a human member of staff. The feedback is recorded and transcribed for future analysis and tracking of improvement. All done around the clock, delivering the same exceptional customer experience in your selected language.

The repetitive nature of these tasks means that a social robot is perfectly suited to undertake these responsibilities on a 24/7 basis, freeing up staff to focus on more creative and social sales roles, as well as reducing the strain on customer-facing employees. The expressiveness and interactiveness of the robot provide a whole new dimension to new digital solutions for customer service.

Concept specific features

  1. Back projected face, fully customizable with faces and gestures to represent your brand
  2. Camera to detect shoppers and trigger new conversations, as well as scanning of QR codes
  3. Speakers, through which the robot can speak with a voice and language of your choice
  4. Information display to show recommendations and additional information
“Robots are bringing efficiency and creating opportunities for their human counterparts to have more meaningful work that exercises humanity’s best skills – like drive, creativity and interpersonal relationships. And as consumer expectations continue to shift toward technology-driven experiences, retail has no real choice but to rise up to meet them.”
Forbes Magazine
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