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The Arts

Our fascination in robots goes beyond science and has always had its place in art

Artists harness the emotional impact that social robots have on people to engage them in the conversation of the role of technology in our lives.

While scientists study the design, engineering, and the measurable and quantifiable effects of robots and their interaction with humans, artists have been using Furhat to open our imagination of what it could mean to have robots in the different aspects of our lives.

These artistic exploration go beyond entertainment, and rather direct the research community’s attention to key psychological and social elements of this new technology, and inspire new studies and experiments in science.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use by non-developers
  • Supports many languages and personalities
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Eye catching and thought provoking design

Customer spotlight

Robotricks with world-renowned magician Charlie Caper

Charlie Caper is a globally acclaimed magician who has been touring the world with Robotricks – a sci-fi magic show about robots, artificial intelligence, and humans.

In Robotricks, Charlie uses Furhat as his sidekick giving audiences a glimpse into a future where social robots and humans co-exist.

Charlie maximizes the expressiveness of the speech synthesizer, head movements, and dry humour to create a character that raises the audiences willing suspension of disbelief. The show demonstrates many of the limitations and powers of human-perception through the use of the robot as an interface to interact with the audience.

In 2019 Robotricks played over 60 shows in 5 countries on 3 continents and won several awards.

We were so impressed with Charlie’s work with the robots that we made sure that Charlie joins our team. Charlie now is an interaction designer and performs a lot of our physical and virtual demos. If you would like to meet him, make sure to book a demo session through the link above.

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View our official product documentation on the Furhat platform Understand…

View our official product documentation on the Furhat platform

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