Concept Case

Social Robots in Tourism

Social robots tell the unique story of your destination

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Imagine if there was a new way to…

  • Bring untold local stories to life in an innovative way
  • Interactively guide visitors to hidden gems & local businesses
  • Offer service in all major languages
  • Enable high quality covid-safe touristing in small groups

How Furhat can help

  • Help tourists discover and navigate attractions
  • Teach local history and traditions in a fun and interactive manner
  • Provide a seamless and coherent experience to tourists
  • Provide an inclusive and accessible service around the clock

Furhat Robotics presents a new groundbreaking concept to help primarily urban destinations in promoting their cultural heritage and local businesses. The Furhat robot, placed near key attractions in a city, will be the core of an interactive sightseeing experience where the robot can enact characters from different historical or current events, tell anecdotes about the local neighbourhood and people living there, recommend places to visit nearby or give secret advice about the best local sandwich bar – all in different languages and around the clock, offering extensive and innovative services to tourists in one, cost-efficient package.

The no-touch solution is COVID-safe and allows for physical distancing through small groups, without compromising on accessibility or availability of exciting activities.

Concept specific features

  1. Back projected face that can show multiple different characters and faces
  2. Wide-angle camera enabling the robot to interact with multiple users
  3. Information display to show different options and additional information
  4. Omni-directional microphone to cater for multiple users during the interaction
“Harnessing innovation and digital advances provides tourism with opportunities to improve inclusiveness, local community empowerment and efficient resource management.”
World Tourism Organization
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