Let’s get started with your Furhat!


It’s an exciting time unboxing a robot. But the fun has just started!
Here you will find all the information you need in order to go from a robot in a box to having amazing conversations with the worlds most advanced social robot.

Start by gently picking up your robot from the box. Furhat is very robust and can handle a lot, but it’s always recommended to be gentle when moving it around. Place one hand on the body and one under the head/neck to stabilise the head and place it on a flat surface.

Take out the paper box and open it. Inside you will find:

    • User manual
    • Puck microphone with cable
    • Power cord with power supply


Plug in the microphone in one of the USB ports on the backside of the robot.

Connect a ethernet cable (wired internet connection) to the backside of the robot.

Connect the power cable with the wall outlet and plug it into the backside of the robot.

Press the power button on the backside of the robot to turn the robot on.

When Furhat is turned on for the first time, it will start to wake up. It will go through its awakening and start to interact with any human infront of it.

During this interaction, Furhat will check if it can detect that the external microphone is connected as well as the internet connection. If you’ve connected the microphone and are using a wired internet connection, Furhat will tell you that it can detect the microphone and that it is connected to the internet.

You can connect your robot to a Wi-Fi network using the on-screen menu. On the backside of the robot, next to the ports, there is a menu wheel. If you press the button in the middle, a menu will appear on Furhats face. You can scroll through the options but rotating the wheel.

If you don’t have access to an ethernet cable, you can connect Furhat to a WIFI network. The only requirement for the WIFI network is that it does not require a username + password. It only works if the WIFI requires a password without a username.

There are two ways to connect to a WIFI:

Connect to Wi-Fi by selecting the Wi-Fi you want in the menu and input the password with an external keyboard.

  1. Click the menu button and navigate to Manage network
  2. Click Manage Wi-Fi
  3. Select the Wi-Fi you want to connect to
  4. Connect an external keyboard to one of the USB ports on the backside of the robot
  5. Type in the password for the selected Wi-Fi
  6. Furhat will now connect to the Wi-Fi and remember it

If you don’t have an external keyboard: Create a local hotspot from your Furhat and access the network settings through your computer.

  1. Click the menu button and navigate to Manage networks
  2. Select Hosted network
  3. Select Start hosted network
    1. You will now see an SSID, IP-address and password (PW)
  4. On your computer, go to Wi-Fi setting and select the network with the same name as the SSID
  5. The password to the network is furhatrobotics
  6. Now open an internet browser on your computer and type in Furhat’s IP-address in the URL field. The IP-address is shown on Furhat’s on screen menu.
  7. To login, use the password admin
  8. You will now see the dashboard along with a camera view. The camera view is what Furhat is seeing.
  9. On the left side, navigate to the Settings tab
  10. Go to Network
  11. Connect to the Wi-Fi you want
  12. When it has successfully connected to the Wi-Fi you selected, you can go into your computers Wi-Fi settings again and connect your computer to the same network. The reason we connected to Furhat’s own SSID in the first place was only to control Furhat’s Wi-Fi settings.
  13. Now both Furhat and your computer should be connected to the same network.
  14. You can now stop the Furhat’s hosted network using the on screen menu

When both Furhat and your computer is connected to the same network, you can connect to Furhat via Furhat’s IP-address. Click on the menu button on the backside of the robot. If your Furhat is connected to the internet, you should see Wi-Fi: *IP-address* on the top of the menu.

On the computer that is connected to the same network, open an internet browser and write Furhat’s IP-address in the URL field.

Input the password admin.

Now you are connected to the robot and can explore all it’s capabilities and control everything from the dashboard.

To get started creating your own skills, go to https://docs.furhat.io/.


I you have access to FurhatGPT, you can find everything you need to get started here:

FurhatGPT guide

If you need additional help, you can create a support ticket here: Create a ticket