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Social Robots in Habilitation

Social robots can support children with autism to practice social skills

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What if there was a tool available to…

  • Easily simulate social situations with a “real-world” feeling
  • Enable caregivers to quickly create tailor-made sessions
  • Help children practice social skills in a human-like way
  • Provide therapy in different languages

How Furhat can help

  • Simulate situations with a human, “real-world” feeling
  • Train at a personalized pace and environment
  • Reduce dependency on available therapists

Furhat Robotics presents an innovative concept developed together with habilitation experts to support children with ASD in their social skills training. The Furhat robot, with its human-like shape and face, has the ability to on-demand show a wide range of different facial expressions and maintain these expressions for however long they are needed, allowing time for discussions and reflections around what a certain expression looks like and means.

With an easy-to-use web tool, content, pictures and dialogues can easily be added and amended to suit every child, and sessions can be saved as templates and logged if needed. The robot can either be used as a tool by therapists or as a stand-alone practice tool for older children, accompanied by instructional touch screens and feedback on exercises – all done in a safe and calm environment.

Concept specific features

  1. Back projected face with ability to show 20+ facial gestures on request
  2. Neck movements with 3 degrees of freedom to include social cues such as nodding
  3. Camera to track eye movement which enables a more human-like interaction
  4. Touch-screen with complementary pictures and text
“The advancement of socially-assistive robots in recent years has opened up a promising new way for autistic patients to get more affordable and personalized care.”
MIT Technology Review
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