The biggest release yet is coming to our platform. Including an incredibly powerful face engine, a library of skills and gestures, new ways to program Furhat and much, much more.

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You wanted us to give Furhat a makeover, and we did just that

We understood after our latest round of user feedback that a new way of creating expressive and authentic characters was needed. And hence, FaceCore was born

What is FaceCore?

An all-new face engine based on Unity and ARKit, allowing for more life-like and immersive characters and giving you more fine control over expressions and gestures.

Much higher quality animations and more customizable and expressive faces are readily available out of the box, and can be edited to suit your ideal robot persona.

Read more in our docs

Learn more about FaceCore

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A whole new pool of readily accessible content

Another sought after feature we are often asked for is a collection of freely downloadable content for all users. So we introduce to you, the Furhat Library

What’s included in the Furhat Library?

The online library houses everything from brand new example skills, code snippets and pre-defined facial expressions. This enables users to iterate on existing code samples and a diverse range of gestures to get up and running much faster.

We are also launching a very unique way of creating specific gestures via motion capture – allowing users to record their own facial expressions using the ARKit on iPhone 10+.

Read more in our docs

Dive into the Furhat Library

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And we have much more in store

Based on user feedback, we have revamped the virtual robot in the Furhat SDK, facilitated new ways of programming skills and improved the ease of use and interactive capabilities of the Furhat robot

The Virtual Furhat – what’s new?

We’re excited to say that both FaceCore and the Furhat Library are also accessible for the virtual robot!

You will also see a higher quality animation of the robot, along with new face models that have only previously been accessible on the physical robot, including the Anime character.

SDK users also now have access to the same creation tools that are available for the physical robot.

Never used the virtual Furhat? Request the Furhat SDK

Alternative ways of programming Furhat


Skills on the Furhat platform are built in our domain-specific-language (DSL) in the Kotlin programming language, a modern version of Java – the world’s fastest developing programming language.

Read more about programming in Kotlin

50+ programming languages

The Furhat Remote API is a way to connect and give commands to the physical or virtual Furhat robot in a vast number of supported programming languages, including Python, C#, JavaScript, Rust and many more.

Read more about the Remote API


Our graphical programming tool allows all you non-programmers out there to build fairly advanced skills, particularly useful for quickly prototyping skills that can be used in both Wizarded and automated interactions

Read more about Blockly

Extra features we have worked on lately!

In addition to the bigger features in this release, we’d like to highlight some very useful updates that may have gone unnoticed in the past few months.

Increased support for situational awareness and fluid conversations

• Smile detection and smile-back behavior (Watch this demo)
• Alternative Speech Recognition Engine (Microsoft)
• Support for logographic languages
• Access to camera stream (on request)

Improved ease of use and programmability

• Desktop Launcher for easy installation and use of Virtual Furhat
• Pre-installed Setup skill

New! Tailored packages to suit different needs

We also heard your feedback about our offering, and put our heads together to create new packages with varying prices and features. From basic access to completely customized services, our latest pricing will cover all bases.



Enables you to start exploring social robotics at an affordable price

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Provides you with our full range of programming functionalities, tools and assets

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All the capabilities of the Standard package with additional accessories, support and code samples

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*Upgrade available at any time
§Billed yearly